August 19, 2011


Dear Maria,

I simply love you because:

you abbreviate almost everything.
you introduced me to about half of the beauty products I use daily.
you expressed the necessity of eye cream at 23. My 45 year old eyes are going to look fantastic.
I get to see your bright smiley face every morning while we get ready for work together.
you show me every day the importance of being myself.
OOOOONIES!!! - that is one of the reasons I love you.
our shared closet. when I come home to you wearing half of my clothes, and I'm wearing half of yours.
that you put up with living in the sunny every day.
you are the best listener ever. period. 
bravo tv. bethenny. housewives. enough said.

I love your pretty face so much and I'm so lucky to call you my roomie!!!

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