January 30, 2014

...these current obsessions

Guys this is a nasty cold winter and I'm depending on a couple things to get me through it.

Gone are the days of wearing flats, and now I'm on a constant rotation of boots. These Frye chukkas are a fun way to mix things up without losing any toes.

Coffee. Because it is warm and delicious. Always.

This smitten kitchen warm potato and lentil salad recipe. I want to make it asap, it looks cozy. Can food look cozy?

Bobbi Brown bronzer that doesn't make you look orange at all, just like you saw the sun once this week (did you? because if so, I'm jealous.)

Don't these muffins look all sorts of amazing?

Frye chukkas  //  coffee - my instagram  //  Bobbi Brown & Kate Hudson photo //  smitten kitchen potato lentil salad  //  Minimalist Baker banana crumb muffins

January 29, 2014

...a plain white t

Nothing says casual and everyday easy fashion like a white t-shirt and a sequin skirt, am I right ladies?! 

But that is exactly why I love a perfect white t, because it can be worn with a full on sequin maxi skirt or sleek linen pants and look so effortless and just beautifully simple. I also still love the look of a white t-shirt peeking out from underneath a sweater. Plus, that's a survival technique for the current frigid temps - layers.

1. pinterest (anyone know where this image is from?)

2. aBree Fashion

January 24, 2014

...a cute engagement gift

I have to admit I borrowed (or stole) this idea from my friend Ashley, but what a brilliant idea for a fun, easy engagement gift idea without having to deal with any of the cutesey "you're engaged!" stuff floating around out there. For that matter, this works well as a congrats on any exciting life news (except maybe a pregnancy?).

Also - prosecco is always the way to go. Always.

tote bag

prosecco (trader joe's has a great, cheap bottle)

January 22, 2014


A beautifully designed storefront can literally pull you into their space. I can usually tell if a store will be my style by the outside (totally judging a book by its cover). This easily works with restaurants too! That farm to table, subway tile filled kitchen look will lure me in every time. These are a few that would make me stop...

1 - bryant ross
2 - camille teruin
3 - 70 percent pure
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