September 27, 2013

...happy birthday to JANE!

Today is my cousin's 26th birthday!! She is my half marathon partner, my cake pop tester, my Columbus tour guide, and one of my best friends (luckily she's related so she has to like me).


Image stolen from Jane's Instagram.

September 23, 2013


I just stumbled on this site, BRIKA, thanks to my Everygirl emails (which I love) and I am kind of obsessed with it. 

BRIKA is a little bit like etsy, in that it features smaller artists and makers that are easily accessible to you, but is nicely curated by the people at BRIKA and it feels a bit more personal because you can read all about the artists on the site.

PLUS - my favorite thing about it is their branding, which is just beautiful and perfect and I am having major design envy.

Images from the BRIKA  "what we love" page and "home screen."

September 12, 2013

...8 must visit DC galleries

In i simply love's continuing series, the art scene, I promised I would have the top galleries in the area to visit! Briton went beyond the obvious here to share some really great off the beaten path galleries. Now let's plan a gallery visiting day!

1. A bright pink door welcomes you at Hiner Contemporary, sitting at the top of Georgetown, adjacent to Book Hill. This contemporary gallery exhibits a range of media created by emerging and mid-career artists. The inviting space offers a creative environment for artists, collectors and observers to explore and engage with innovative art.

2. G Fine Art exhibits international artists from the 1960’s to the present who explore social, cultural and artistic issues in their environment. The space offers a blank canvas for emerging and established artists alike to explore their concepts through cutting edge media and is located in the H Street corridor of NE Washington DC.

3. You do not need to travel NYC to go to an innovative, relevant contemporary gallery. Hemphill offers a high caliber space, exhibiting established, significant artists working in all contemporary media. The range of exhibitions not only sparks a wide range of interest, but also challenges the viewer to consider many aspects of contemporary art and culture. Hemphill offers art advisory services so if you are a first time buyer or looking to expand your collection, their experts can help you find the perfect piece.

4. Located in the ever growing Shaw area, Longview is a huge space that exhibits local and regional artists. They also have a master, in-house framing service for any piece you need! Longview not only offers a great space to exhibit, but hosts awesome special events.

5. The Textile Museum is truly one of the most beautiful settings in the City. Tucked back on S Street NW, the the textile collection is one of the most important, specialized in the world. The Textiles will soon call the George Washington University campus its new home, moving to a brand new, state of the art museum which will bring more room and innovative exhibition venues for the collection.

6. Call me biased, but the Corcoran is one of Washington D.C.’s best galleries. Reigning as the oldest private collection in the country, the Corcoran offers a wide variety of exhibits ranging from its renowned private American Art collection to innovative contemporary installations. This Gallery is not to be missed! Interested in taking art classes? Check out the Corcoran College of Art + Design too to sign up for Continuing Ed classes. Also, if you know DC, Sunday brunches are a must and the Corcoran hosts one of the best in its atrium with Todd’ Greys vegan brunches! Come check it out! 

7. One of the most popular private venues in the city, The Phillips Collection houses priceless modern and contemporary art right off of Dupont Circle. Meditate in front of Mark Rothko color plains in the Rothko room or find a fun way to socialize with your peers at Phillips After Five, every first Thursday of the month. Not to be missed.

8. Serving as an “incubator” for promising young artists, the Hamiltonian not only offers a large gallery space on U Street, but also offers a career mentorship through the Hamiltonian Fellowship program. Here, young budding, new artists have the opportunity to develop invaluable entrepreneurial skills to help foster their successful business as a visual artist. Come see budding new artists in the DC area at this contemporary gallery.

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September 9, 2013

...this ikea table

I've been on the hunt for a dining room table for.ever. I know what I want but I can't seem to find it at an affordable price. But I keep coming across this one from Ikea on blogs and pinterest. And it seems like the perfect "in between" table. You know, what you settle on when you can't afford what you really want, but its an improvement from you have?

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September 4, 2013

...fall style 01

I really love the changing seasons, primarily for the reason of rethinking your wardrobe. This fall I have so many things on my wish list! Up first, the oversized peplum top. I've always been a little intimidated by the traditional peplum but this is a really approachable version. I purchased this top from anthropologie and I'm loving it! Maybe I can segue into the fitted version...

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August 19, 2013

...sweet packaging

I am having some serious design envy over these...

1 (from Gather)  // 
2 (design by Tracy Lanihan)  //  

August 14, 2013

...the art scene

Today I am very excited to introduce a new feature, the art scene, Briton and I are working on! Below is a little explantation of what to expect and stay tuned next week for the top ten galleries you must visit in the area!

Washington DC’s power and beauty is undeniable. The White House, nestled back behind ancient oak trees on Pennsylvania Avenue, steers the voice of the free world; our nation’s capital, brilliantly glowing over DC’s Smithsonian valley, pushes legislation to make this country prosperous and free (or is supposed to…); and the supreme court, held in one of the paradigms of neo-classical DC architecture, holds the words of our Constitution to the highest power.
In celebrating the greatness that is DC, I am here to explore the importance and vibrancy of its art scene, how it relates to the culture of DC and the greater art world, and how you can take advantage of it to the fullest extent. Along with having a monthly gallery review, I will highlight awesome exhibits and venues and discuss how current art events or hot topics relate to this artistic hub
Never stop exploring and always feed your creative side!

July 31, 2013

...Briton's Life Changers

Good morning! Today I bring you Briton's Life Changers! Briton and I studied abroad together in Florence, where we fell in love over a shared passion for gelato, pasta, and art. Thankfully, she moved to DC after college where our friendship has continued! Brit works as a gallery coordinator for a small gallery in Virginia (so Charlotte of her...) and at the Corcoran College of Art and Design. Enjoy her Life Changers!

Also - stay tuned for my first every collaborative i simply love column! Briton is going to be here regularly to fill us all in on the art scene in DC! She will keep us informed on the good exhibits, which galleries to visit, and events in the art community here!

1. Moroccan Oil Serum: I.Love.Moroccan.Oil. Whether I'm air drying or styling, it tames my hair, protects it and makes it smell so good!!!

2. Laura Mercier Primer: Keeps my makeup on for hours and you can seriously tell make up goes on smoother with the primer.

3. Physicians Formula bronzer: The prices is right and gives me that extra glow in the winter!

4. Bobbie Brown concealer and tinted moisturizer: I think I have dark circles under my eyes. I finally found a concealer that actually makes me look awake! I really love the sealer/powder that comes with it too. The tinted moisturizer is is great too. Great coverage but nice and light. 

5. TJ Maxx: Whether I'm looking for a black dress, new sandals or home accessories, TJ Maxx is one of my first stops. Not only is the price right, but there are great brands all under one roof. Yes, you do have to do some rack shopping, but it's so worth it. Also, some TJ's are better than others (definitely recommend the one in Fairfax!)

6. Le Creuset: I absolutely love to cook and cooking with my Le Creuset is the absolute best! It cooks everything so evenly, is very manageable, oh, and its adorably purple!

7. Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker: The one and only perfume I wear. It truly is lovely: feminine and floral yet soft and not overbearing.

8. An awesome resource to get all the top headlines in the visual and performing arts. Also has really great blog posts. Keeps me informed and bring up a lot of interesting topics.

July 24, 2013

...these three things

1. Warby Parker

Glasses are all the rage right now and as someone who kiiind of needs them (mostly for driving) I can't afford to spend $600 on a new pair simply because I'm tired of my old ones. Enter Warby Parker. They're a bit like the shoe company Toms - they give a pair of glasses to someone in need for every purchase made. They've completely cut out the middle man that causes eyeglasses prices to be SO HIGH so these babies are CHEAP. For CUTE prescription glasses. The process from start to finish is efficient, customer service based, and very well designed. You create an account on their website, chose 5 pairs you'd like to try on, they ship them and give you 5 days to decide, you send them back with a prepaid label and then fill your prescription in and order!

2. The Afternoon Dress from Madewell

I'm having a huge love affair with Madewell right now that my bank account isn't handling too well. But this dress was one purchase that I can justify all day long. I've already worn it multiple times in the couple weeks I've owned it and it is SUPER versatile. Worn with a chunky necklace and sandals its appropriate for work, and with a chambray shirt over it and chucks for a chill Saturday. So flattering and SO comfy. Do I need to convince you more? (I wish Madewell was paying me for this gushy post.) I got drinks with a friend of mine after work while wearing it and the next day she bought it in red!

3. Some goodies from Sephora

So I recently realized I can make returns to Sephora. Of anything no matter how used it is. Life changing. Those fancy expensive lotions and creams I was always curious about? I can buy them, try them, find out that $40 Philosophy moisturizer isn't any better than $16 Aveeno moisturizer, return said expensive moisturizer, and be in a better place with my bank account after all the trips I've been making to Madewell. 
However, I have been loving my Josie Maran Cheek Gelee - I don't usually think about how the makeup I use is chock full of chemicals so this makes me feel good about putting it on my face. All of her stuff is extremely environmentally conscience and organic.
Last, but definitely not least my bunnies, is Wen Cleansing Conditioner. After reading Brittany's rave review I ran out and bought some. I'm not as obsessed as she is, and its is priiiiicey, so I still wash my hair normally once and week and use Wen once a week, but it definitely does not disappoint! PS - Brittany is doing a Wen giveaway! Go enter!

May 31, 2013

...coco cafe

Hello! Lifechanger here...

I had Coco Cafe sitting in my fridge for about 3 weeks before I finally tried it. I may or may not have bought it after seeing it on Rachel Zoe's Instagram.

BUT for those of us who like to get up early and run before work, and those of us who maybe need a small incentive for dragging ourselves out of bed to run at 6 am (or earlier), this makes it all worth it.

A slightly sweet way to hydrate and caffeinate! If you can't tell, I'm a little obsessed. Apparently there are mocha and vanilla flavors too, I have yet to track those down.

May 10, 2013

...a shorts story

This girl has big weekend plans! Plans like a business school graduation BBQ and then a little birthday celebration. Plans like a relaxing Sunday with my man reveling in the fact that we've been dating a year. Hopefully those plans include a tasty dinner...did he make a reservation somewhere or not...? If we end up at Shake Shack I'll be ok with that too. 

That was my short story, below is a shorts story about how Madewell is killing it with bringing the colored denim trend into summer with hot pink denim cutoffs. And aqua. And red. Loving it.

Happy Friday! Have the best weekend ever little bunnies! 

May 7, 2013

...arranging bookshelves

One thing I've learned from home ownership: arranging book shelves is tricky. Below are three impeccable examples of what I strive for and haven't yet achieved. 

March 26, 2013

...white jeans pre-Memorial Day

Is this a giant DON'T? If it is, I don't think I care. Girls all over DC are rocking the white jeans with winter sweaters for the daytime and with nude pumps for night. I think I'm going to join them next weekend...thoughts?

March 21, 2013

...Toms wedges

Did ya'll (sorry I am watching my fifth episode of Friday Night Lights while writing this, the accent is starting to rub off on me) know that Toms makes these SUPER cute wedges? Check them all out here, below are my two favs!

March 19, 2013

...Brittany's Lifechangers

Good morning little bunnies! Life changers are back! Today I have Brittany from her adorable blog Btypes, where she chats about life's general musings and shares recipes and running advice, so check it out!  

1. Since itty bitty clutches are all the rage, my overstuffed wallet wasn't fitting in my new minibag. For a while I would have to toss my keys, cell phone, ID, and credit card free floating in the purse- pretty much begging someone to steal my identity and order massive shipments of iPod Nanos from Hong Kong. Since I discovered this consolidating case, I have had this one by Kate Spade for the iPhone 4s, and this one for the iPhone 5 (which was $9 dollars off Amazon.) For someone who is admittedly scatterbrained and has a tendency to misplace their things, this case keeps everything that is important right by my phone, which is the one thing that never leaves my side. 

2. Unite Expanda Dust Dry Shampoo - Showering is for punks. Let's be real, I don't have time to brush, blow dry, and style my weave every single day. One day I will be like Kim Kardashian and have a team of make-up artists and plastic surgeons that keep me looking fresh, but until then this dry shampoo is a life saver. After reading this tip, I put it in before bed and wake up voluminous and shine free. This brand in particular has a little grit to it, and helps perk your hair up right at the root!

3. Lululemon Crops - These are the best running pants for my crazy running addiction. They make your legs/butt look amaze, they keep everything in, and even have odor blocking fabric. Additionally, I have this thing with my friends called "the yoga pants challenge" where we try to see how often you can incorporate yoga pants into your outfit...for as long as possible. I have become an artist at this sport and know first hand that they blend well with flats and an oxford or paired with a leather jacket boots... I will be comfy at all costs.

4. The Skinny Confidential Spotify Playlist(s)! - Alright, let me preface by saying I do not normally listen to this kind of music, I am not taking ecstasy up-in-da-club raging to House music, but or some reason I find myself looking forward to these playlists everyday since they immediately pump me up. Even though the tunes are a little "unce unce unce," it makes me run faster and work harder. After discovering these mixes my workouts feel like I am an elite LA workout studio, try it out!

5. Poach Pods - As someone who loves to cook, these cute little pods have helped me make very impressive and delicious meals without having to exert any real effort. Poached eggs are delicious for breakfast, amazing on salad, and exceptional in Ramen. Try these pods out, and one-up Martha Stewart.

6. Spanx Reverse Tight End Reversible Tights - Again, I am all about utility. These tights are without a doubt the best ones I have ever tried. They never run, they hold shape fantastically, and since they are reversible, you don't need to worry about having brown or black tights when getting ready or traveling.

7. Bond #9 New York Oud - I honestly feel like this fragrance is more of a feeling than anything else, no matter what I am wearing it makes me feel rich, chic, and mysterious. "Notes of: Red plum, saffron, orange zest, oud, red rose, orris, patchouli, musk, honey, vetiver" I have never loved a perfume more than this one! 

8. Jcrew Downtown Field Jacket - I wear this more than I should probably admit. I pair it with anything from active wear, jeans, or even relaxed business wear, it is versatile and really keeps the wind off. Whenever I put it on it seems to just tie everything together in an effortless way.

9. Michael Kors Gold Watch - It is very rare to see me without a menswear inspired standard gold Michael Kors Watch. I got one at the outlet a million years ago for le cheap, and I wear it virtually everyday. True confession: I haven't even changed the battery in over a year, so it doesn't even tell time, but it does what it was born to do-complete Bty's outfits.

10. Lipstick! I have become a lipstick evangelist. I really believe it is the new blush. If I am in a rush and have to decide what to put on my face so I don't look like a haggard degenerate, lipstick is my new go-to quick fix. It immediately brightens your face and makes even the plainest of ensembles look fashion forward. Yves Saint Laurent-Rouge Pur Coture is the perfect classic red & Estee Lauder Plum Fatale is my favorite dark hue for when I am feeling edgy.

March 12, 2013

...some menswear inspired pieces

I'm getting new glasses, so naturally that makes me want to redo my entire wardrobe. These comfy menswear-esque pieces are really catching my eye right now...maybe next week you'll find me in the guys section of JCrew instead of the girls!

1  //  2  //  3  //  4

March 7, 2013

...these recent obsessions

I know, I know, I disappeared again. I have no excuses, but as an apology I would like to share three things that are currently making my life better.

I'm almost done with The Happiness Project! I have really been enjoying this book. Every time I pick it up to read I get a new tip and practical advice that I can apply to my own life. Act the way you want to feel is a current favorite, especially when things at work start to get stressful and I really want to maintain a positive attitude. That happens pretty much every day.

This may sound ridiculous to some, but I honestly believe you can never have too much chambray. Some serious words to live by right there. I wear this J.Crew shirt once a week (maybe two if I won't be around the same group of people...) Stop judging.

I usually have a smoothie in the morning and that is usually not nearly enough food and I am starving by 9:30. I AM OBSESSED with this blog, Minimalist Baker, and all the recipes I've tried have been awesome, but I make these cookies every couple weeks. I add walnuts to make them even more healthy and bring two or three to work with me as my second breakfast. 

January 14, 2013

...two outfit crushes

Love love love everything about both of these.

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January 11, 2013

...Christmas trees!

I found these on my camera the other night! Such a cute surprise. We cut down my first Christmas tree on a warm December day, I didn't even need a coat. Cool, global warming, my first Christmas tree cutting experience was supposed to be surrounded by a blanket of white snow. But we managed. And took some cute pics.

January 10, 2013

...a new favorite recipe

Oh She Glows is a vegan blog that I haven't explored much, but after this recipe I think I may have to return to regularly.

These are chocolate chip cookie dough balls and oh my goodness they are AWESOME. Vegan, fairly healthy, and just so yummy.

I followed her recipe, but added cinnamon and omitted the cane sugar.  So they totally tasted like oatmeal cinnamon cookie dough!

1/2 cup unsalted cashews
1/4 cup rolled oats
1/4 cup whole wheat pastry flour (wheat flour would probably work)
1/2 tsp kosher salt
1/2 tsp pure vanilla extract
3 tbsp pure maple syrup 
1/4 cup dark chocolate chips (I used semi sweet minis!)

Directions: In a food processor, add the cashews and oats and process until it forms a fine crumble. Now add in the salt, sugar, and flour and process for a few seconds more. Add in the maple syrup and vanilla and process until combined. It will be sticky, but this is normal! Add in your chocolate chips and stir by hand or process. Form into balls. (I didn't even try do this step obviously...) Store in freezer.

January 9, 2013

...some simply beautiful things

A Downtown Abbey worthy early 20th century ring.

Something to pair with a full skirt.

Something sweet to nom on.

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