March 25, 2014


I would like to introduce you to Batman, our new black lab mix puppy! We adopted him two weeks ago and he's gone from shy and mellow to full-blown puppy (read: crazy). He loves to chew on everything, especially any clothing I am wearing at the time, and he loves to snuggle on the couch after he's worn himself out. When he's old enough we will take him to the dog park across the street, which he stares at lustfully on our walks. 

Last Thursday we took him to puppy kindergarten and it was the best hour of my life. 15 pups running around was just hilarious and amazing. I recommend renting a puppy for an hour so you can participate. 

This explains a little bit of my radio silence for the past couple weeks, but as I type I'm in my room with ALL of our furniture while some water damage is being repaired and new wood (read: laminate) floors are being installed! So life is crazy. I'm handling it well I promise. Playing with the cutest puppy ever does help relieve some stress.

March 11, 2014


Some gorgeous examples of typography I've seen around the interwebs...enjoy :)

be a deer - be a nice human print  //  reason to read  //  my pinterest

March 7, 2014

...monthly subscription boxes

Have you guys gotten swept up in the subscription box frenzy yet?! A couple years ago, right when Birch Box first started, I jumped on the bandwagon and I loved it! It was only $10 a month and I got a cute little present delivered to my door! But eventually I actually grew tired of having so many samples laying around and cancelled it. And noooow while writing this post I'm thinking about how I kind of miss it? Its a weird weird place inside this brain.

So during a snow day a couple weeks ago, a friend sent me a whole bunch that she thought were super cute! She was doing some research...on which ones she wanted to subscribe I stole her suggestions! PS - this definitely isn't a sponsored post, just a fun one. i simply love is nowhere near that level (hello to my 6 readers!).

Glossybox is like a more upscale version of Birch Box, its more pricey, but the reviews are consistently high and you get more premium samples.

Wantable Intimates Box sends you four undergarments, socks, adorable lingeries each month. How cute of an idea is that?!

Dollar Shave Club will deliver razors to your guy each month and has the best video on their homepage. Just watch it and you will want to subscribe. Amazing.

Nature Box is featured on Cup of Jo all the time and looks REALLY good. However, I just can't seem to justify spending that money on snacks...a girls gotta save up her ice cream money somehow.

March 5, 2014


I am hopelessly terrible at doing anything to my hair besides blowdrying it. I recently forced myself to learn how to curl it so I could keep my girl card (is that a thing, I'm making it a thing). So that was an accomplishment. I keep seeing these awesome pins of braided hair and I want to do it! Someone come help me!

This tutorial has been super helpful, and just some good old practice! 

1. cupcakes and cashmere - and here's the tutorial

2. lauren conrad - I can't find the source, anybody know?

3. boho braid

February 28, 2014

...the fancy sweatershirt

Are you starting to sense a theme of laziness in my style? Loungewear, baggy sweaters, I need to go buy a freakin silk blouse and some tailored pants. However, I want to marry the person that started this trend, because they are absolutely brilliant and my new idol in life (right behind the creator of samoas). 

patterson maker/madewell  //  cardigannewyork but out of stock so my pinterest 

February 25, 2014

...a fun freelance project

When the government shut down happened and I was out of work for two weeks (#thankscongress) a friend's mom called and offered me some fun freelance work! It was such a wonderful surprise and ended up being a super great project.

Potomac Arts Academy and Acting for Young People (AYFP) needed a comprehensive brochure of their Summer Arts Programs for 2014. This was the first year they've combined forces to print and send out their calendar and description of programs so it was quite the project! 

I developed some custom icons to use for the types of programs and carried their colors and themes through the publication. I was fortunate enough to work with some AWESOME people and just had a great, creative, challenging time.

Check out the cover and a couple interior spreads below, and here's a pdf of the whole catalog if you're curious :)

February 21, 2014

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