February 28, 2011

...these 3 things

This week I look forward to:

The Oscars Best Dressed list!

Dinner at Good Stuff Eatery. They have ridiculous milkshakes and the BEST fries.

New York City! I'm going on Friday and am most excited to see these giant flowers along Park Avenue.

February 25, 2011

do you need cute accessories for a rainy day?

This would work...

You're cute...

The new yellow rain boots. (true story: all I wanted for Christmas when I was 2 was a pair of yellow rain boots)


I swear I do. It seems romantic somehow. (maybe I'm imagining the scene in The Notebook) Rain gives you a great excuse to watch movies all day or peruse tumblrs such as this one or this, or even put on some boots (great excuse to buy Hunter boots) and venture out with a trench and umbrella.  

February 24, 2011


I did something crazy. I had an insatiable craving for s'mores. So I made them in my toaster oven. But first I made graham crackers. I know, crazy. But SO worth it. As I was making them I actually muttered to myself , 'there's no way this is worth it.' But I promise it is. I found them on Martha and the recipe is close to perfect, but I made it a little healthier by replacing 1 cup of the white flour with garbanzo bean flour. Here's the recipe! 

Have some marshmallows on hand so you can make s'mores immediately.

February 23, 2011

...trendy fonts

Helvetica can never go out of style, but I enjoy mixing it up with this font I've been spotting everywhere. It's called EcuyerDAX and it is available for free download on dafont.com. Awesome. 

I first spotted it here, used on a wedding suite featured on a favorite blog...

Then I saw it used on some thank you cards from the amazing sugar paper. I want to be them so badly. The owners of the shop, not the thank you cards.

So then I had to use it myself! In these cute notes I made Andrew's mom for Christmas.

ps. comic sans will never be in style.

February 22, 2011

...tory burch

I know the fall 2011 fashion shows just happened, but let's focus on spring ok? Namely Tory's awesome use of this bright orange poppy red. I want to wear it every single day.

Then we could go crazy and wear these Eddie ballet flats and carry this Robinson shoulder bag.

All images from toryburch.com

Mom? Are you out there? I'm a size 7 1/2 and I do accept early (very early) birthday presents!

February 21, 2011

...wedding invitations

Also I love this blog. If I play my cards right, hopefully I'll be designing invitations like these later in life.

All images and image credits, and more amazing invites can be found here.

February 18, 2011

...the French way of life

I would wear this

with this

and my hair would look just this perfectly un-perfect

and I would sip a cafe au lait looking at this

and it would be the perfect day.

February 17, 2011

...gray + yellow

What a fun way to brighten up my favorite neutral color.

From left to right: shoes, dress, bedroom, paper, taxis

February 16, 2011

...outfit to stationary

I swear this is the last time you'll see this dress on my blog (unless I do a Cupcakes-style photoshoot of myself wearing it when I finally get around to purchasing)

but then I saw this stationary and now I want both.

PS the rest of the stationary from this shop is freaking adorable.

February 14, 2011

...these and these and these

These three pairs of shoes belong in my closet. 

...these 3 things

This week I look forward to:

Valentine's Day! This is a Box of Cake Balls, but the tricky thing is the entire thing is made from cake. Even the box. That Bakerella is crazy. 

Image via Bakerella

Eating these chocolates I treated myself to from Artisan Confections in Clarendon. Pecan Chai, Lavender Honey, Malted Milk and Salted Caramel Butter!

This perfect kitchen featured in the new issue of House Beautiful.

February 11, 2011

...gray bedrooms

Wishing I was snuggled up in this room right now.

Image found via MadeByGirl

February 10, 2011

...churro cupcakes (and all other cupcakes)

went a little cupcake crazy. We were having a Mexican themed dinner party. What to make for dessert? Churros of course! But wait - those are tricky and require constant attention in the kitchen, away from your guests. So how does cinnamon cupcakes sound? With chocolate buttercream icing? Tasty? Ok, then let's add a caramel center. Done.

First, organize all your baking things and make yourself a large cup of coffee.
Then, use Martha's Snickerdoodle Cupcake recipe to make the cupcakes. 
Next, enlist the help of your boyfriend (or as I call him, Sous Chef) to make some yummy Mexican caramel using this recipe. We halved it.
After the cupcakes cool, cut nice little holes in them to fill with cajeta! I used a half teaspoon to remove the correct amount of cake, put the cajeta in a piping bag, then on the sugar high I had from eating all the cupcake pieces, went to town filling my churro cupcakes.
To top them off I used the chocolate buttercream icing recipe I found on the back of my Ghiradelli cocoa powder!

February 8, 2011


I desperately want to be one. And am hopefully on my way there. When it comes to furniture and decorating I usually know just what I want. I can see it in my head. But the only place to find it is Pottery Barn, or Crate and Barrel, or somewhere else that just wants all my money. I can do it better myself if I could only muster up the patience and develop the skills (read: enlist boy's help) to just do it myself. Get a little crafty. Choose my own fabric. All while saving millions of dollars. (Ideally). 

I bought this chair for $5. That's right. Five. Dollars. For a chair. You won't find a napkin ring at Pottery Barn for $5.

I bought this paint for $5. I won't repeat myself again. 

I bought this fabric for $15. But there's tons of it. Way more than I needed to cover the chair. Maybe I'll get crazy this weekend and make some pillows.

And then I put it all together!

All photos awesomely taken by my iPhone.

February 6, 2011

...3 fun things to look forward to this week

A day above 35 degrees! I'm holding out hope for a permanent warm up so I can wear this outfit ASAP. (First I need to own it.)

A fun trip to Whole Foods to spend this adorable gift card my pop sent.

Using this website as inspiration to make some super cute Valentine's Day cards!

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