February 10, 2011

...churro cupcakes (and all other cupcakes)

went a little cupcake crazy. We were having a Mexican themed dinner party. What to make for dessert? Churros of course! But wait - those are tricky and require constant attention in the kitchen, away from your guests. So how does cinnamon cupcakes sound? With chocolate buttercream icing? Tasty? Ok, then let's add a caramel center. Done.

First, organize all your baking things and make yourself a large cup of coffee.
Then, use Martha's Snickerdoodle Cupcake recipe to make the cupcakes. 
Next, enlist the help of your boyfriend (or as I call him, Sous Chef) to make some yummy Mexican caramel using this recipe. We halved it.
After the cupcakes cool, cut nice little holes in them to fill with cajeta! I used a half teaspoon to remove the correct amount of cake, put the cajeta in a piping bag, then on the sugar high I had from eating all the cupcake pieces, went to town filling my churro cupcakes.
To top them off I used the chocolate buttercream icing recipe I found on the back of my Ghiradelli cocoa powder!

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