February 28, 2014

...the fancy sweatershirt

Are you starting to sense a theme of laziness in my style? Loungewear, baggy sweaters, I need to go buy a freakin silk blouse and some tailored pants. However, I want to marry the person that started this trend, because they are absolutely brilliant and my new idol in life (right behind the creator of samoas). 

patterson maker/madewell  //  cardigannewyork but out of stock so my pinterest 

February 25, 2014

...a fun freelance project

When the government shut down happened and I was out of work for two weeks (#thankscongress) a friend's mom called and offered me some fun freelance work! It was such a wonderful surprise and ended up being a super great project.

Potomac Arts Academy and Acting for Young People (AYFP) needed a comprehensive brochure of their Summer Arts Programs for 2014. This was the first year they've combined forces to print and send out their calendar and description of programs so it was quite the project! 

I developed some custom icons to use for the types of programs and carried their colors and themes through the publication. I was fortunate enough to work with some AWESOME people and just had a great, creative, challenging time.

Check out the cover and a couple interior spreads below, and here's a pdf of the whole catalog if you're curious :)

February 21, 2014

February 19, 2014

...design crush - le parcel

"Nature's gift stinks so we'll give you a better one." Hilarious and brilliant. Le Parcel is a monthly subscription box for you monthly...how cute is that?!

All cuteness aside, I am seriously obsessed with the design of this website! Its so fresh and minimal, but girly enough to represent the brand. These monthly subscription boxes are all the rage right now (I used to get birchbox and loved it!) and thanks to my friend Alisa who has discovered a ton of awesome ones, we will be bringing you a couple suggestions on le blog. 

February 17, 2014

...some good cozy loungewear

I spent the last week with either the worst cold ever, strep, or walking pneumonia - the jury's still out on that one. But I definitely picked the best week be stuck at home because I totes binge watched the Olympics and Veronica Mars (who wants to go see the movie with me, besides Jake?). I also lived in leggings similar to these from Jack Wills (I call them sweater leggings for lack of a better phrase). Like I think I wore them for three days straight, disgusting, I know. In addition to the baggy sweater, something I excel at is loungewear. I can rock some barely acceptable to leave the house in leggings and Uggs boots (I don't actually leave the house like that I promise) like its my job. 

Jack Wills  //  image credit

February 14, 2014

...Valentine's Day (sorta kinda?)

While I am an extremely sappy human, Valentine's Day has never been my favorite. Though I can get behind a holiday centered around chocolate, much like NYE, it always seemed like mine fell short of expectations. 

Most of my favorite February 14ths have been spent with girlfriends, cooking, eating burgers, or going out for drinks. Last year, my first with Casey, we had tickets to Mumford and Sons he got me as a birthday prezzie, so basically nothing will ever top that. Ever. 

But we did start a new tradition. Eating cheeseburgers. We grabbed Five Guys before the concert and I love any excuse to eat a cheeseburger so that decided what we will do for the rest of our Valentine's Days. This year we're trying a new burger place (hopefully its not packed with people who stole our idea) and I am pretty excited. It is a nice day to remind yourself why you love the one you're with, no  matter who is it. Though my sappy self does that possibly too much.

So happy Valentine's Day bunnies! I hope its fun, no matter what you're doing. But if you don't have plans, you should watch Crazy, Stupid, Love.

image credit

February 12, 2014

...the oversized sweater

An oversized sweater and skinnies/leggings/pleather jeggings (yep) has literally been my winter uniform. I dare you to find a more comfortable, cozy, AND socially acceptable outfit. If I'm going out on the town, I thrown on some high heeled booties, otherwise boots or these Frye chukkas are my jam. I learn the hard way at the beginning of each winter that flats quickly allow your feet to freeze...

Also - don't be scared of the men's side of H&M, I've found many a cozy sweater over there.

February 10, 2014

...the best waffles

This recipe is no joke. I come from a long line of waffle-makers. I have so many memories of my grandmother making us waffles for breakfast on weekends.

Now, my mom can also make a mean waffle. A lazy, coffee drinking, waffle making morning has become standard for weekends at home in Charlottesville. And then we freeze the waffles and I steal them to eat all week for breakfast. So you see, I come by it naturally, the love for waffles.

I am finally the owner of a waffle iron and have been making this recipe for a couple weeks, freezing them and eating one every morning for breakfast. Casey eats two, because he's fat (just kidding, its because he's a boy and they eat more right?) But the best part is that they are SUPER healthy, like as healthy as a waffle can really get unless you blend up some spinach and throw it in the batter. (If you do try that let me know how it goes.)

This recipe is based off a full on vegan recipe from my fav blog Minimalist Baker, but I changed them a bit to add real eggs and greek yogurt.

The Tastiest Waffles Ever
2 eggs
2 tbsp molasses
5.3 oz (one small container) greek yogurt
2 tbsp coconut oil (you could use canola)
1 tbsp baking powder
5 tbsp brown sugar
pinch of salt
1 tsp cinnamon 

1 cup almond milk, more if you think its needed (feel free to use whatever milk is your fav)
2 cups whole wheat pastry flour
1/2 cup almond meal (I buy this at Trader Joe's, its the cheapest I've found)

Mix together first 8 ingredients in a large bowl, then add the almond milk, flour, and almond meal. It makes a good amount of waffles, and just stick whatever is left in the freezer!

So, oddly enough, I find these better after they've been frozen and put in the toaster to be reheated, but they're just all around delicious. My favorite topping is almond butter and a little bit of maple syrup, Casey's fav is peanut butter and bananas. 

February 7, 2014

...buffalo plaid

I didn't impulse purchase a buffalo plaid Madewell shirt and I am SERIOUSLY regretting it, because it disappeared 2 weeks later. So for now, I'll lust after these...

coat - j.crew (sold out)  //  image credit
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