February 17, 2014

...some good cozy loungewear

I spent the last week with either the worst cold ever, strep, or walking pneumonia - the jury's still out on that one. But I definitely picked the best week be stuck at home because I totes binge watched the Olympics and Veronica Mars (who wants to go see the movie with me, besides Jake?). I also lived in leggings similar to these from Jack Wills (I call them sweater leggings for lack of a better phrase). Like I think I wore them for three days straight, disgusting, I know. In addition to the baggy sweater, something I excel at is loungewear. I can rock some barely acceptable to leave the house in leggings and Uggs boots (I don't actually leave the house like that I promise) like its my job. 

Jack Wills  //  image credit

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