October 31, 2011

...the BEST pumpkin bread

Guys. After lots of research (and miles run because of said research) I have found the best pumpkin bread recipe.

I swear. You should probably make it this week. 

This is the recipe I used, but decreased the amount of sugar and used half brown and half white.  And you can download and print a pdf of my recipe right here!

...candy corn!

That's not true. I hate candy corn. But I do like cute babes dressed up as candy corn. Happy Halloween!

October 28, 2011

...halloween costumes

I have so many fun memories of halloween as a kid. Carving pumpkins and my mom and brother roasting the seeds (I wouldn't eat them for some reason). Trick or treating, eating candy for weeks after. And my the hilarious halloween costumes my mom thought up for my brother and I. This though, takes the cake, or should I say cookie (sorry, had to). Jake was 3 months old and he was the cookie. I was the cookie monster. Love it.

What are you being this year, any fun ideas out there? My friends and I are going as different Metro stops (I'm King St. and will wear a crown and cape).

Happy Halloween!!!

October 27, 2011

...the Blythe shirtdress

Put this dress on my body please.

...some festive halloween treats

Let's be honest. The real reason I like almost any holiday is because of the food associated with it. (reason numero uno I dislike New Year's, there's no eating) The candy. The baking potential. The excuse to put pumpkin in anything. (like my oatmeal every morning. best. breakfast. ever.)

I've come across some halloween treats this week and want to share. They are both super easy and include candy corn. Nothing to lose.

For the pretzels you need Hershey's Hugs, pretzels, and candy corn! Arrange all the pretzels on a baking sheet and preheat the oven to 350. Unwrap as many Hugs as you have pretzels and place them on top of the pretzels. Put them in the oven for 3-5 minutes, until the Hugs are soft enough to push down with a candy corn. Smush a candy corn down on each one and then try not to eat them all. They are literally the perfect salty/sweet snack.

October 26, 2011

October 25, 2011


How amazing is this picture of my cousin Meg on her wedding day? Pure happiness. Congrats again Meg and Howard!

...type crush Tuesday - put a little party in your invitations

So brilliant using confetti as a decorative element in your design. It is an easy way to add color but still keep things clean and simple.

October 24, 2011

...running underpants

Is it too soon to talk about underpants on this blog? Well, get ready for it because these are adorable. They're called RUNDIES. I love it. And they're unnecessarily pricey.

...sparkles and pleats and glitter and tweed

Oh my!

It seems that sparkles go with anything this fall. And that is just fine with me. Bring it on.

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October 21, 2011

...lazy weekends

Last weekend was jam-packed. I barely slept and was barely home, which equaled an awesome fun time, but also equaled the fun cold I am developing. So tomorrow I am going to sleep in, maybe try and squeeze in a little run, and then go to the farmer's market with my friends. But I would also like to make these...

Below is a recipe for pumpkin chocolate chip pancakes. Which, if you know me at all or have read this blog any more than 2 times, you will understand that it is everything I love in one vessel. 

If homemade pancakes are a little too involved for you, Trader Joe's has the BEST pumpkin pancake mix (just add some chocolate chips to make it even better). I recommend getting some immediately so you can enjoy your lazy Saturday morning even more! Happy weekend!

...a Friday letterpress treat

I want to have made this.

October 20, 2011

...some yummy squash dishes

Don't these look tasty and wonderfully fall? Maybe it will balance out nicely with all the pumpkin baked goods I keep making...

I'm going to make the spicy squash pasta this week...I'll let you know how it goes. Martha usually doesn't disappoint.

Martha, 1 and 2

October 19, 2011

...this ADORABLE wedding invitation

I laughed and almost cried and smiled to myself while reading this and I don't even know these people. Creepy?

...eating cake for breakfast

October 18, 2011

...type crush Tuesday

I should really start calling this weekly post "adorable invitations I spot on Oh So Beautiful Paper and then share with you lovely readers..." or maybe I should just find some more sources for inspiration...

Changing the post name might be easier.

I use this color combination in clothing all the time, but it looks super fresh on these invitations. And don't get me started on the patterns happening. 

October 17, 2011


Dear Dior - 

Why do you insist on designing an adorable ring like this that is wildly out of my price range and will never be put on my finger. Now I will just have to stare at this picture all day and drool. Poor computer.

...the best running trail ever

There would be no excuse to sit on your couch if you lived near this.

October 14, 2011

...saying goodbye to an eventful summer

I had quite the summer. I moved. again. I traveled. I realized I have the best friends in the world. I fell in love with Ryan Gosling. It was a great summer, but slightly tumultuous one as I grew up a lot in the past couple months. I think that's one of the reasons I'm so ready for fall. I need a change of scenery and a new season to focus on. And more Ryan Gosling movies to come out. 

Goodbye summer! See you next year!

October 13, 2011

...a fall outfit crush

Where do I find this perfect sweater...

and those heels...

...this room

I think I'd like to live here someday, so wonderful and fresh and bright!

October 12, 2011

...boyfriend jeans and sweaters

I think its getting cool enough outside to try this look...

October 11, 2011

...some recent letterpress crushes

...type crush Tuesday - simple is better

These bottles designed for the BluePrintJuice cleanse have simple down pat. You know exactly what you're dealing with. Well done Doubleday & Cartwright. Spotted on design work life.

October 10, 2011

...kisses and stripes

One of my favorite candies and a striped shirt. I had to share.

...neon yellow

Is it the new neon pink? I need to find some immediately.

October 7, 2011

...faux army pants

I like this outfit for fall. And if you look closely, her pants aren't camo, but flowers in camo colors. Fancy.

...60 degree weather


I think fall is really here! I crave hot coffee instead of iced, my trench has been taken out on the town a couple times, and the AC is off and windows officially stay open.

Here's to my favorite season!

October 6, 2011

...cup of jo's Guide to NYC

I don't think my love for NYC is a big secret. I somehow find myself visiting the city multiple times a year (my fourth visit this year is the first weekend of November to watch my dad run the marathon!...) and alway LOVE finding new places to go, things to do, and restaurants to nom at. 

One of my favorite blogs, A Cup of Jo, put out this fantastic guide to NYC, posting a couple things every day last week. I think this should keep me busy for a couple weeks...

Where to shop
Where to eat
Where to play

and a couple more fun ones...

How to flag a cab
10 ways to not look like a tourist - best thing ever is getting asked for directions while I'm visiting - of course I have no idea where to go...but at least I look like a local.

All images from Joanna's blog.

October 5, 2011

...design army's reinvention of paper

A baller design firm based in DC that constantly amazes me, Design Army, just released a video about their process of redesigning Neenah's CLASSIC Paper brand.

If you have a couple minutes today and are interested in seeing something super inspiring and creative watch this! 

And if you have a couple more minutes, or get bored with the first video, watch this! (I've watched it about 34 times)

...the iphone

I have a small obsession with my iPhone but quirks like these really make me happy. (Disclaimer...not what my alarm says)

And I really love these cases from the dani notes etsy store...

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October 4, 2011

...type crush Tuesday - navy is having a moment


I finished Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand yesterday. (she also wrote Seabiscuit) I think it was one of the hardest books I've read. It wasn't difficult to get into, just really hard to keep going. 

I like to read before bed. (not usually fully clothed in a bathtub) But this wasn't a read-before-bed book that I could handle. It was intense, depressing, and life-altering. The main character, Louis Zamperini, was a bombardier in the Air Force during World War 2. His plane goes down and he crosses the ocean on a raft with his pilot, only to then be captured in Japan, where he survives a series of their POW camps. What he endured was so terrible that it can almost only be a true story. It would sink me into a small depression every night when I read it, but isn't that a testament to how amazing the story and writing is? Yesterday was a rainy cold Sunday so I seized the opportunity to finish. I have to say it is a must read. Just really one of the most amazing stories of survival. It puts your life in perspective and forces you to realize the little things you're dealing with aren't so bad.


October 3, 2011

...happy mondays

Here's a little Ryan Gosling to make your Monday brighter...

and I hope you're enjoying a large cup of coffee (or two)...

and I found another super yummy looking pumpkin recipe to try. I need to find an excuse to make some cupcakes, anyone's birthday coming up?

1. 2. 3. 

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