July 29, 2011

...this chair and this bright blue throw

Both would literally look perfect in my room. Because my room is literally gray and white with small pops of bright blue (seen in this chair I DIY-ed). This chevron chair is from Urban Outfitters. We might need to talk about that for a bit. Happy Friday!!

July 28, 2011

...learning about letterpress

So what is letterpress?

Well, first of all, it might be the love of my life. I might have dreams about it and think about it constantly and the first day of my workshop was the best first date of my life. Hope my boyfriend isn't reading this.

Second of all, it is an old (think Gutenberg, 1400's, first way of printing things ever) method of printing that is sort of seeing this nice little revival within the graphic design community. The final product is metal type and image coated with ink and then pressed into the paper, leaving this amazing indent into the paper. Just beautiful.

Presses are hard to come by and expensive, as is type. So think of all the fonts you have on your computer and you can render it in any size imaginable, bold, italic, so on... For presses you have to have each font, the italic version, and every size, and so on... In lead. AND a place to store it all. So accumulating type is an incredibly daunting and expensive task. Below is my type being laid out for my thank you cards. Underneath it you see maybe a fifth of a big box full of lead type for one font, in one size. Each letter has its own little cubby and there's an organization system many letterpressers follow.

Once you have all your type laid out you have to make sure there's no spelling mistakes. Oh, and you have to lay it out backwards. That made my brain hurt. You have to lock it into a frame so it doesn't fall out and ruin your day and life. There are so many steps to take, it could be hours and hours before you do you first print! It is all very methodical and tedious and perfect for the slightly OCD and over-organized person I am.

Then you lock it into the press.

Then comes the fun part, printing proof after proof to make sure the paper is straight. The type is set, but the paper is resting on moveable pins, so you do a proof, figure out which direction to move the paper, and keep doing that until it's perfect. That round metal plate at the top is where the ink sits, and the rollers at the bottom slide up when you pull down on the press and run over the type, then re-ink at the top! Magic. After everything is all dandy and set up you can print. And print and print and print. I honestly could have done it for hours. The 65th time was as beautiful as the 1st. Below you see my product from the second day of the class. It is a little card to be included with all my orders from my Etsy stationary shop thanking you! 

Was that enough on letterpress? If anyone wants to know anything further please email me at anneclindsay@gmail.com I would love to answer any questions!

...number rings

Wouldn't these be cute for an anniversary or to represent them number of babies you have?!

July 27, 2011

...rachel bilson

How do you look this cute walking your dog? And who puts wayfarers with a red lace dress. My crush gets bigger every day.

July 26, 2011

...a sneak peek of my etsy shop!

Fun news! I'm opening an etsy shop soon with stationary and custom invitations! Here's a little sneak peek of some of the stationary options...

...mint green

Such a refreshing color. Especially paired with a cute nude blazer.

July 25, 2011

...words as art

I like the idea of using words instead of a photo or painting for decoration. It would be tricky to figure out what word to choose! And you'd have to find super cute letters...what do you think? Yes or no?

July 21, 2011

...India-inspired threads at Emersonmade.

I've been eyeing almost everything at Emersonmade for months, but haven't bitten the bullet and bought anything yet. It all seems too expensive for me to buy without trying on and seeing in person. Online shopping for a store you're familiar with couchj.crewcough is one thing, but for a store you've never had experience with it's scary to make the leap. But recently I've been finding myself super attracted to everything in their India Collection, mostly wanting the Abhay Roses or the Fan Leaves Dress. How adorable! Maybe I'll take the plunge...

July 20, 2011

...a sneak peak!

This letterpress workshop has been the best experience. I've always admired and loved the way letterpressed cards and such look - as seen in the occasional i simply love blogpost here and on my pinterest - but wasn't sure if I would actually love doing it as much as I love the result. Welp. I do. I loved every minute of the workshop and am so excited for day two. Which is today. And I've found myself an expensive hobby, because now I obviously need to figure out how to acquire a press. 

If any of my lovely readers out there happen to have one lying around, I'll do your wedding invitations for free if you want to find it a happy home...

Here's a small sneak peak of what I did Monday... I'll do a more in depth write up in a couple days to more explain the process to you!

...my weekend in NYC with Jakie!

My weekend in NYC turned into a night in East Hampton with my brother and some of his friends! It was so perfect and gorgeous there, I never wanted to leave.

July 18, 2011

...a letterpress workshop

Today and Wednesday I am taking a letterpress workshop! I will share lots of pictures and stories later this week!

Sycamore Street Press - PS Read me if you want to learn a little bit more about letterpress! I know some of you are bored at work already...

July 15, 2011

...weekend jaunts to NYC

So happy to be going up to NYC tonight for a quick 2 day visit with my brother who happens to be interning there this summer. 

Happy weekend lovely readers!

July 14, 2011


Loving these two wallpaper looks...

1. my pinterest ps you should sign up for pinterest and follow me! 2. bhg.com

...settling into my new apartment

I moved almost a month ago and have spent one weekend and a handful of week days there so I haven't felt quite like I lived there yet. The kitchen was unpacked without me (not sad about that...) but I couldn't figure out where anything was (my baby Bodum went missing for a couple days, it was rough...we've found each other though, don't worry). Today I finally figured out where to hang my pictures and slightly reorganized the kitchen (I'm only the teensiest bit of a control freak)

One thing I am most excited about (besides the rooftop pool) is that my room is big enough for a desk! That means I can finally sit down and feel like I am working in a creative environment when I do freelance and fun stationary projects at home! So here are two things I require - cute storage for paper and a white desk. I have an old kitchen table that I need to paint white but I reeeaaalllyy love this one from World Market. (they sell furniture?!??!)

But how dreamy is this office set up? Something to aspire to...

Also I got this shower curtain to use as a real curtain for the window above my bed! Pictures to come later, if I can get my hands on a fancy camera to take them...

July 13, 2011

...delicious ice cream dishes

It was 98 degrees today. Lovely. I sweat in my car all the way to Trader Joe's where a bought some mint chocolate chip ice cream. But these look better. 

July 12, 2011

...these 3 things

A girl crush that just keeps growing...

A pop of red flowers to brighten up a room...

Literally my perfect outfit...pink pants, blue and white striped shirt...ah mazing.

Happy Tuesday!


July 8, 2011

...looks I love for a Mexican vacation

More like hats and bathing suits I love for Mexico...

1 & 2 - Patterson Maker

July 7, 2011

July 6, 2011


Last weekend work sent me to Chicago for the HOW Design conference, which is an awesome graphic design gathering held every year in a different city. I had bunches of fun and really enjoyed all the sessions (the graphic design nerd in me was very happy). I went to a talk on developing the Martha Stewart iPad app (need an iPad now), one on staying creative in the work place, and one on turning my creative obsessions into opportunities (hello etsy shop filled with stationary I'm about to launch!). All the sessions were super awesome, the weather was amazing, and I ate so many good meals (post on the best meal to come, at a place called 'The Purple Pig'). Below are some of my photos taken with my phone and turned artsy and fun with my new obsession instagram!

The conference sign in the lobby!

The BEAN! My favorite sight in Chicago

I braved the ferris wheel (totally afraid of heights)

Typography crush at one of the sessions

Westie book ends I found for my momma

Definitely stalked a girl to find out where the Sprinkes Cupcakes was located...

Very tasty wine at The Purple Pig

After dinner!

July 5, 2011

...some recent design crushes

Obsessed with classy combinations of typography and photography...

July 4, 2011

July 3, 2011

...red nails + blue towel =

A slightly cute fourth of july picture!


July 1, 2011

...summer vacation

This is going to sound so terribly pathetic. But this is the first summer I've had a full time job. I started my first big girl job mid July last year, after a nice relaxing June. Working full time is making me really appreciate the time off I do have, instead of coming to expect it every May. (the college schedule is so rough...) Next week I'm taking my first summer vacation as a grown up! My boyfriend and I are sneaking away (more like sprinting away) to Mexico for a couple days in the sun. So. Excited. 

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