July 14, 2011

...settling into my new apartment

I moved almost a month ago and have spent one weekend and a handful of week days there so I haven't felt quite like I lived there yet. The kitchen was unpacked without me (not sad about that...) but I couldn't figure out where anything was (my baby Bodum went missing for a couple days, it was rough...we've found each other though, don't worry). Today I finally figured out where to hang my pictures and slightly reorganized the kitchen (I'm only the teensiest bit of a control freak)

One thing I am most excited about (besides the rooftop pool) is that my room is big enough for a desk! That means I can finally sit down and feel like I am working in a creative environment when I do freelance and fun stationary projects at home! So here are two things I require - cute storage for paper and a white desk. I have an old kitchen table that I need to paint white but I reeeaaalllyy love this one from World Market. (they sell furniture?!??!)

But how dreamy is this office set up? Something to aspire to...

Also I got this shower curtain to use as a real curtain for the window above my bed! Pictures to come later, if I can get my hands on a fancy camera to take them...

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  1. You have a rooftop pool? Is it yours or do you share it with other occupants? Anyway, what I enjoy about moving is re-decorating the new place! I hope you enjoyed re-decorating your space too.

    Lakia Shaffer


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