July 20, 2011

...a sneak peak!

This letterpress workshop has been the best experience. I've always admired and loved the way letterpressed cards and such look - as seen in the occasional i simply love blogpost here and on my pinterest - but wasn't sure if I would actually love doing it as much as I love the result. Welp. I do. I loved every minute of the workshop and am so excited for day two. Which is today. And I've found myself an expensive hobby, because now I obviously need to figure out how to acquire a press. 

If any of my lovely readers out there happen to have one lying around, I'll do your wedding invitations for free if you want to find it a happy home...

Here's a small sneak peak of what I did Monday... I'll do a more in depth write up in a couple days to more explain the process to you!


  1. I LOVE letterpress, too! It is so worth the extra cost. It is so lovely! I just picked up my wedding invitations which are letterpress. I got them from Studio R in Charleston.

  2. Ah Caroline I had so much fun learning how to do it, DEFINITELY worth it! Now I need to find a press so I can start making wedding invitations for people!


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