April 29, 2011

...these random things

Hi friends! Happy Friday! These are some things I'm simply loving right now...

She has the most fabulous style...I'm currently obsessed.

A gorgeous collection of Royal Wedding photos! Did anyone else geek out like me and wake up early to watch? And maybe tear up just a bit when you could see William say to Catherine that she looked beautiful?!

These are super cute and unique notecards.

A treat I think I need to make soon... 

Have such a happy weekend!

...the Royal Wedding

Blah blah I know it's all anyone is talking about but how can you not? It's just all so fabulous. By the time this is posted Kate's dress will have debuted and the world will have a new Princess. So, for the aftermath on this fabulous Royal Wedding Friday, here's a fascinating blog article on the history of the Princesses crowns: this is glamorous

And the scones I made for breakfast this morning from smitten kitchen. Proper celebration with tea and scones was obviously required. Plus you need something hearty for breakfast at 5:30 in the morning.

image from smitten kitchen

April 28, 2011

...bright red

I am loving red right now almost (just almost) as much as I'm loving hot pink.

April 27, 2011

...these photos from the anthro website

Reminds me of the pound of gelato I ate every day when I lived in Florence.

...my spring wishlist

Dear spring, thanks for arriving! Now it's time for cute new things!

This J.Crew red skirt is perfect for casual Saturdays and dressed up for work.

April 26, 2011

...baking after (fake) giving up sugar for lent

So I did something ridiculous. I attempted (attempted might be too nice of a word) to give up sweets for Lent. I'm not Catholic or even a regular church attender, but I thought it would be a god challenge, and make me break my dessert after every meal and twice in the afternoon habit. I needed help. So I did really well for about a month. And then I broke down and ate some ice cream. And then I made myself these cookies by my favorite Joy the Baker. Downhill spiral from there. A weekend in NYC followed, and then Ben and Jerry's was on sale at the store (what can I say, I'm weak?). So in the next couple weeks I'm looking forward to baking some tasty things!

April 25, 2011

...black crop pants paired with something fun and bright

A fun spring outfit.


I may be in the minority of people I know but they're one of my favorite Easter treats. I love them most stale, so I like to open the package and eat them a couple days later. Such a terrible thing to love, but I'm allowed my random habits right? So for those of you that got some peeps in your Easter basket and don't plan on eating them, here's a couple cute ideas:

how cute! they'd get nice and stale this way... gerbera designs

PEEP SMORES!!! found on steamy kitchen

April 22, 2011

...the 22 day of april

I wish I could say it was because of the day we value the planet we live on (otherwise known as Earth Day) but it is really because my most favoritist (yep, made that word up) Auntie Anne (also my namesake) was born. While April 22nd isn't know as Auntie Anne's Birthday on the national calendar (not yet anyway) I certainly love to celebrate it!

Happy Birthday Auntie Anne!!

...NYC with my best friends!

Last weekend included too much shopping, too much eating, and lots of girl talk! It was so much fun visiting our friend Molly and indulging in amazing pasta (even if the noodles resembled worms). There was also a little wine (or a lot) and a hazelnut topped chocolate cake!

all photos pathetically taken on my iphone. I need a real camera.

April 21, 2011

...my morning coffee

I wish it was this relaxing every morning, not chugging it on the way out at door at 7 am.

April 19, 2011


And dessert. It's a toss up. Of course you can have chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast every Saturday morning and kill two birds with one stone. This blogger - simply breakfast takes a photo of her breakfast every morning. It looks so wonderful. Do you think you'd eat a healthier breakfast if you posted it to the world everyday? These are some of my favs:

Current favorite oatmeal mix in - unsweet coconut, almond butter and honey.
This could be my breakfast! Current obsession with grapefruit and this granola recipe that's like crack. Seriously so worth the effort to make.

April 18, 2011

...secrets of a stylist

So I'm super obsessed with this show on HGTV. Its called Secrets of a Stylist and the host, Emily, is adorable. She's bubbly and witty and of course has fantastic taste. Her show takes a space a couple has trouble decorating and mashes up their styles by giving them a little test. She does a first look with an extreme of one of the styles, then incorporates the second style for a harmonious final look! 

Here's her blog where she breaks down each episode!

Oh Joy!'s living room:

looooooooove the wall paper and gallery wall

I needed that rug until I found out it was $700...

both images taken by Laure Joliet and found on Emily's website!

April 15, 2011

...NYC with my friends!

I'm very excited for another trip to NYC this weekend with all my girlfriends! All the DC dwellers will be visiting the lone NYC city girl and we haven't all been together in over a year! Saturday night is dinner here (it has to be Italian food since we all studied abroad in Florence together), which I am pumped for! 

BUT - the main problem right now is...what do I pack? Weather is not cooperating, warm and sunny would lead to this outfit:

But I think it will be more like these (with a jacket):

April 14, 2011

...pretty home offices

Disclaimer. I do not have a home office. I will not have a home office for quite some time. But I can dream right? And plan...you know how much I love to plan. When I own a home, and am making my way as a freelance wedding invitation designer, I will work in a pretty home office like any of these.

MadeByGirl - regardless of having an office I will get a chair like this. 

whole lotta lovely - gray. what more is there to say.

ish and chi - what an unexpected mix of colors, and it works so well!

April 13, 2011

...photos of balloons

Sorry. This post is extremely random. I literally just have all these crazay awesome photos on my pinterest (you don't have pinterest?!! get it and follow me!) and I want you to see them. I almost want to frame them all and put them up somewhere in my apartment.

April 12, 2011

...super cute clever things

Why didn't I ever think of any of these?

...a simple tee, belt and pleated skirt

A little obsessed with this look right now. It is simple with a little pop of trend, my favorite.

April 11, 2011

...this little outfit

I'm going to NYC this weekend with all my girlfriends and the forecast isn't looking good. Mid-50's and rainy. This outfit might make that all OK.

Atlantic-Pacific - go look at the rest of the photos, they're adorable!

...going back to (or never having left) basics

I'm a classic girl with a little bit of trend thrown in. While I love throwing a little pop of color into my life, (hello current obsession with hot pink) I don't think I'll ever get tired of a basic button down.

April 8, 2011

...kate spade wedding belles

How adorable is kate spade's new wedding line, wedding belles? I simply love (see what I did there?) all the brands that are designing wedding lines! Wedding belles is more fit for your bridesmaids and cute accessories (hello adorable "I do" necklace) so it doesn't compete with J.Crew's amazing dress line. Love it!

...madewell fall 2011!!

While drooling over J.Crew's fall collection, I stumbled across their best friend Madewell's collection as well! Even though it's April, some of these clothes would come in handy on this yucky Friday. 

So I think I need the short boots and the red shirtdress. ALSO how cool is the post-it wall! It has so much texture in the photo on the bottom left. These images are also from fashionologie.

April 6, 2011



top: desire to inspire bottom: my pinterest, I can't find a credit!

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