May 31, 2011

...watercolor invitations

Pretty watercolor invites spotted over at Sycamore Street Press for your viewing pleasure this Tuesday-that-feels-like Monday morning!

Invitations by Swiss Cottage Designs and calligraphy by Love, Jenna

May 27, 2011

...long weekends!

I'm off to the beach, and probably packing this much for a 3 day weekend! I have an irrational fear of not having the perfect outfit...

Photo by Tim Walker, spotted on Catalina

May 26, 2011

...the new closet staple, a pink skirt

When it comes in all different lengths and styles, I'd say time to call it a summer closet staple. Pair it with neutral pumps, and a clean white shirt, or  with blues and grays and sparkly jewelry!

May 25, 2011

...a short story

The warmth is here to stay, (I wish I could say officially summer) which means time to break out the shorts! I missed my jean shorts more than I should have missed an item of clothing. I've been sporting them with sweaters, little jackets and flats to make them seem more appropriate for 70 degree weather. I also just bought this cute pair from Loft for work!

May 23, 2011


From a favorite tumblr of mine...jcrewing. Try not to judge me too much. Please? I know I have a problem...

May 19, 2011

...Columbus, OH!

A couple weekends ago I visited my beautiful cousin, Jane in her adopted city of Columbus for the second time. Both times I have been pleasantly surprised by the foodie culture, amazingly nice people, and flat terrain (mostly I appreciate that one since I ran my first half marathon there!)

Jane and I after the finish! We got super cool massive medals that we definitely wore for the rest of the day/night.

The next morning, feeling fairly indulgent, Jane took me to a brunch place that now holds a special place in my heart. You see, it was at Katalina's that I first (I say first because I will have these many, many more times) tried Nutella stuffed pancakes. Yes. Let that marinate in your mind a little. I, the girl who eats Nutella by the spoonful, also known as the girl that grew up eating chocolate chip pancakes nearly every Saturday morning for the better part of my teens, ate Nutella stuffed pancakes. Best. Morning. Ever. 

I wish there was a picture of my face as I bit into one for the first time. 

Feeling completely satisfied, stuffed and fine if I never had another bite of anything ever because my life was now complete, we headed to Jeni's Ice Cream. Mostly I think Jane took me to shut me up since I had mentioned how badly I needed to go every hour starting the Monday before I even arrived. Every English teacher I've ever had would cringe at these sentences. My apologies. Back to Jeni's. Adventurous flavors, freaking adorable interior, I think this place was made for me. Or maybe I was made for Jeni's. Either way, so tasty. I had lavender meringue on top of brambleberry cobbler. Sneak a peak at Jeni's website so you can fully absorb the awesomeness of their flavors, and realize you have a new design crush. (Just noticed the similarity between our logo's...)

All in all, quite the successful weekend. Burned some calories, then ate them right back up. Such is my life.

...(hate) the photoshopping madness!

When will it stop? The perfect, beautiful, fabulous actresses all over magazine covers I can handle. They get paid to look this way, personal trainers, chefs and botox blah blah blah. But when a photoshop crime is committed against the adorable Selena Gomez and hilarious Tina Fey, I can't just sit here quietly. Whoever's hand was on the mouse should be sentenced to a lifetime of graphic designing without a computer.

Both images found on google

May 18, 2011


Hi, I love you and I will always love you. Gorgeous photograph. 

Fun fact: in my walk-in closet at home, I felt the need to put every ripped out photo I had of Kate Hudson up. So I basically have wallpapered my closet in Kate Hudson. Creeper much?

...EmersonMade Flower Clutches

I think any of these will be perfect for 

the 8 million weddings I have this summer
fun Sunday brunches
Jazz in the Gardens on Fridays after work
sitting on my dresser because its too cute to stash away in my closet
happy hours after work
a dinner out in DC

Did I think of enough excuses to buy one?

May 17, 2011

...unique baby announcements

I love these simple and modern birth announcements. A nice variation from pink or blue all over.

...bodum coffee makers

Every morning I make myself a cup of coffee with my mini Bodum French Press. I mostly just bought it because it was mini and adorable but it actually makes super yummy coffee and doesn't take up any counter space! Now that its summer and I'd like to make a bigger batch and keep it in the fridge, I think I need the 8 cup size. Purple maybe? Cute new mugs from Anthropologie to make Mr. Bodum feel at home?

May 16, 2011

...DIY necklaces

On a scale of 1 to 10 I think a 13 is how badly I need to make this. new logo!

After many weeks of contemplating, I have finally decided on my new logo. I hope you guys like the new look! The business cards have been ordered and an Etsy stationary shop is in the works, stay tuned my simply lovely readers!

May 13, 2011 momma!

Happy Birthday to my wonderful, fabulous, ageless momma! I love you!

May 11, 2011

May 10, 2011

...3 different kinds of love

These all happen to make me very happy. Especially the elephant.


oh hay adorable outfit, let's be friends!

May 9, 2011

...these pretty pictures

Some pretty images for you viewing pleasure. Happy Monday!

A casual snack of wine, bread, figs and cheese, nbd. Patterson Maker

I secretly love the idea of having lunch at an Italian restaurant by myself. Where is the Cool?

This spread by photographer Garance Dore for French Vogue. See more on this is glamorous.

May 6, 2011

...the met gala

I can't decide which is my favorite!
All images from


So when I say running, I kind of really mean lululemon. I really enjoy any activity that requires a new wardrobe. I can get into that. I'm (almost) excited to get out of bed in the morning, put my cute new in stride jacket on, and go for an 8 mile run. 

I am really excited to run my first half marathon this weekend! I'm going to Columbus in a couple hours to visit my cousin and run the Capital City Half Marathon with her! But first we're stopping by lululemon... (I wish I was kidding)

All images from lululemon's website

May 4, 2011

...simple navy outfits

Navy just goes so well with tan...

And why do I have such a big girl crush on Rachel Bilson? Do you think we can become best friends and she will share all her clothes with me?


There are no words good enough

May 3, 2011

...dresses that look like cakes

Still love this dress worn by Zoe Saldana to the Oscars 2010. Who knew there was a cake to go with it?

May 2, 2011 and blue

A current color combination obsession of mine is orange and blue. Weirdly enough it's been finding its way into my graphic design as well as my wardrobe...

At least hot pink hasn't been finding its way into my graphics, not sure my clients would enjoy that. 

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