February 8, 2011


I desperately want to be one. And am hopefully on my way there. When it comes to furniture and decorating I usually know just what I want. I can see it in my head. But the only place to find it is Pottery Barn, or Crate and Barrel, or somewhere else that just wants all my money. I can do it better myself if I could only muster up the patience and develop the skills (read: enlist boy's help) to just do it myself. Get a little crafty. Choose my own fabric. All while saving millions of dollars. (Ideally). 

I bought this chair for $5. That's right. Five. Dollars. For a chair. You won't find a napkin ring at Pottery Barn for $5.

I bought this paint for $5. I won't repeat myself again. 

I bought this fabric for $15. But there's tons of it. Way more than I needed to cover the chair. Maybe I'll get crazy this weekend and make some pillows.

And then I put it all together!

All photos awesomely taken by my iPhone.

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