February 14, 2014

...Valentine's Day (sorta kinda?)

While I am an extremely sappy human, Valentine's Day has never been my favorite. Though I can get behind a holiday centered around chocolate, much like NYE, it always seemed like mine fell short of expectations. 

Most of my favorite February 14ths have been spent with girlfriends, cooking, eating burgers, or going out for drinks. Last year, my first with Casey, we had tickets to Mumford and Sons he got me as a birthday prezzie, so basically nothing will ever top that. Ever. 

But we did start a new tradition. Eating cheeseburgers. We grabbed Five Guys before the concert and I love any excuse to eat a cheeseburger so that decided what we will do for the rest of our Valentine's Days. This year we're trying a new burger place (hopefully its not packed with people who stole our idea) and I am pretty excited. It is a nice day to remind yourself why you love the one you're with, no  matter who is it. Though my sappy self does that possibly too much.

So happy Valentine's Day bunnies! I hope its fun, no matter what you're doing. But if you don't have plans, you should watch Crazy, Stupid, Love.

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