March 25, 2014


I would like to introduce you to Batman, our new black lab mix puppy! We adopted him two weeks ago and he's gone from shy and mellow to full-blown puppy (read: crazy). He loves to chew on everything, especially any clothing I am wearing at the time, and he loves to snuggle on the couch after he's worn himself out. When he's old enough we will take him to the dog park across the street, which he stares at lustfully on our walks. 

Last Thursday we took him to puppy kindergarten and it was the best hour of my life. 15 pups running around was just hilarious and amazing. I recommend renting a puppy for an hour so you can participate. 

This explains a little bit of my radio silence for the past couple weeks, but as I type I'm in my room with ALL of our furniture while some water damage is being repaired and new wood (read: laminate) floors are being installed! So life is crazy. I'm handling it well I promise. Playing with the cutest puppy ever does help relieve some stress.

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