July 31, 2013

...Briton's Life Changers

Good morning! Today I bring you Briton's Life Changers! Briton and I studied abroad together in Florence, where we fell in love over a shared passion for gelato, pasta, and art. Thankfully, she moved to DC after college where our friendship has continued! Brit works as a gallery coordinator for a small gallery in Virginia (so Charlotte of her...) and at the Corcoran College of Art and Design. Enjoy her Life Changers!

Also - stay tuned for my first every collaborative i simply love column! Briton is going to be here regularly to fill us all in on the art scene in DC! She will keep us informed on the good exhibits, which galleries to visit, and events in the art community here!

1. Moroccan Oil Serum: I.Love.Moroccan.Oil. Whether I'm air drying or styling, it tames my hair, protects it and makes it smell so good!!!

2. Laura Mercier Primer: Keeps my makeup on for hours and you can seriously tell make up goes on smoother with the primer.

3. Physicians Formula bronzer: The prices is right and gives me that extra glow in the winter!

4. Bobbie Brown concealer and tinted moisturizer: I think I have dark circles under my eyes. I finally found a concealer that actually makes me look awake! I really love the sealer/powder that comes with it too. The tinted moisturizer is is great too. Great coverage but nice and light. 

5. TJ Maxx: Whether I'm looking for a black dress, new sandals or home accessories, TJ Maxx is one of my first stops. Not only is the price right, but there are great brands all under one roof. Yes, you do have to do some rack shopping, but it's so worth it. Also, some TJ's are better than others (definitely recommend the one in Fairfax!)

6. Le Creuset: I absolutely love to cook and cooking with my Le Creuset is the absolute best! It cooks everything so evenly, is very manageable, oh, and its adorably purple!

7. Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker: The one and only perfume I wear. It truly is lovely: feminine and floral yet soft and not overbearing.

8. artsjournal.com: An awesome resource to get all the top headlines in the visual and performing arts. Also has really great blog posts. Keeps me informed and bring up a lot of interesting topics.

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