July 24, 2013

...these three things

1. Warby Parker

Glasses are all the rage right now and as someone who kiiind of needs them (mostly for driving) I can't afford to spend $600 on a new pair simply because I'm tired of my old ones. Enter Warby Parker. They're a bit like the shoe company Toms - they give a pair of glasses to someone in need for every purchase made. They've completely cut out the middle man that causes eyeglasses prices to be SO HIGH so these babies are CHEAP. For CUTE prescription glasses. The process from start to finish is efficient, customer service based, and very well designed. You create an account on their website, chose 5 pairs you'd like to try on, they ship them and give you 5 days to decide, you send them back with a prepaid label and then fill your prescription in and order!

2. The Afternoon Dress from Madewell

I'm having a huge love affair with Madewell right now that my bank account isn't handling too well. But this dress was one purchase that I can justify all day long. I've already worn it multiple times in the couple weeks I've owned it and it is SUPER versatile. Worn with a chunky necklace and sandals its appropriate for work, and with a chambray shirt over it and chucks for a chill Saturday. So flattering and SO comfy. Do I need to convince you more? (I wish Madewell was paying me for this gushy post.) I got drinks with a friend of mine after work while wearing it and the next day she bought it in red!

3. Some goodies from Sephora

So I recently realized I can make returns to Sephora. Of anything no matter how used it is. Life changing. Those fancy expensive lotions and creams I was always curious about? I can buy them, try them, find out that $40 Philosophy moisturizer isn't any better than $16 Aveeno moisturizer, return said expensive moisturizer, and be in a better place with my bank account after all the trips I've been making to Madewell. 
However, I have been loving my Josie Maran Cheek Gelee - I don't usually think about how the makeup I use is chock full of chemicals so this makes me feel good about putting it on my face. All of her stuff is extremely environmentally conscience and organic.
Last, but definitely not least my bunnies, is Wen Cleansing Conditioner. After reading Brittany's rave review I ran out and bought some. I'm not as obsessed as she is, and its is priiiiicey, so I still wash my hair normally once and week and use Wen once a week, but it definitely does not disappoint! PS - Brittany is doing a Wen giveaway! Go enter!


  1. I LOVE Wen!!! I only use it once every two weeks or so... makes your hair so soft!!!

  2. Hey I love your blog! It's so professional. I'd like to hire you.


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