August 24, 2011


Ok, that's a bit of a lie. I don't LOVE change. But I do love yoga. And today in yoga my adorable hippie/yogie teacher was having us chant about chakras and trying to ground us (oh yea - we had an earthquake yesterday...that was terrifying) and other awesome yogie-ness and she told us the theme of the class was change, and that change is the only constant, the only thing you can count on. Which is sort of crazy, because I've had some change recently and more coming up (I'm starting a 6 month rotation for work where I work 40 hours in 3 days - I'm a little terrified) and this was so comforting to hear. And then I remembered these ad.or.a.ble yoga calling cards I spotted yesterday on Paper Crave. I soooooorrrtt of want to become a yoga teacher just so I could put my name on these.

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