August 4, 2011

...the i simply love etsy stationary shop!!!!!

You GUYS. I am super excited to announce that my child, the etsy store I've spent the last couple months thinking about, planning, then actually working on, has launched!!!

If you aren't familiar with etsy, it is an online marketplace for handmade goods. I have no idea what etsy means - there have been some discussions about it. But people like me - who obviously cannot afford to open the cute adorable stationary shop of my dreams - can get started using etsy! If you have a minute today, please stop by and take a look! I would love to know what you think!

You can follow this link, and in the future you can search for me under shops - i simply love - in the bar at the top!

The i simply love etsy shop

I also am happy to do custom invitations and stationary but haven't advertised that in my etsy shop yet, so please email me at for any inquiries!

I think I'll celebrate by going to the beach this weekend!


  1. Anne Carlyle,

    I've been on vacation so I'm just catching up on my blog reading....Congrats on the launch of your store!


  2. YAY! I'm going to check it out right now!


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