February 23, 2012

...Meg and Brendan's save the date process

When I get a project my mind immediately starts turning with the possibilities, and this was no exception. My direction was to do a timeline with the long distance relationship theme built in. Meg gave me the storyline and I broke it out and messed with the wording a little bit to get the callouts. I always give the customer either two or three drafts to start and we go from there. Occasionally its close to final, but most often one of the drafts appeals more and we go back and forth a couple times to tweak and make changes until it is perfect!

These are the two versions Meg got to start with:

Meg and Brendan liked the second one best, but wanted more color, so we changed the background to navy and adjusted the details accordingly. However, just to give her all the options I sent a version without a background:
She was happy with the navy, and after a few more tweaks we perfected it and ended up with the final version:
Then I designed the back to compliment it!

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