February 15, 2012

...magnolia bakery's banana pudding

Magnolia Bakery has some of the best cupcakes in NYC, so of course, when I go there I of course enjoy one. BUT tons of people have told me to try their banana pudding. So finally, probably my 10th time there, I finally did. We got cupcakes and pudding to go on our way up to the Met, but couldn't wait, so we broke it out down in the subway while waiting for a train. There I am, inhaling banana pudding, because it is easily one of the best things I've ever eaten. Whipped, light pudding, slices of bananas, and what I assumed to be some homemade bits of cake (they were Nilla wafers...)

The next day, I went back to get more. I was desperately obsessed. Two days later, I made it for myself. Magnolia Bakery published the recipe in their cookbook and I pulled it from this blog. Then I ate the whole batch in a week. With help from a few friends...(or maybe not). This recipe tastes just like what you get at Magnolia and is easy to make! Just make sure you're taking it to a party or have a household of people to share it with. Here's a downloadable copy of the recipe.

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