February 10, 2012

...being a morning person

I wasn't always one, but when I started working two or so years ago, I started to fall in love with my mornings. I would wake up early on Saturdays and just sit on the couch, surrounded by quiet, reading a book or catching up on blogs, and it became one of my favorite things. I began to switch my work outs to the morning and felt so accomplished that when I got to the office at 8 I had already done my run for the day.

I miss it so much. For the past 5 months, I've had to switch my work schedule from a normal 5 day week, to 10 am to midnight, 3 days a week. Yes, I get a 4 day weekend, but I am constantly at work until 12 am or later and am incredibly beat by Friday night and essentially worthless by Saturday. BUT the good news is, I have 4 more weeks, 3 after this Friday, and I have never been more excited to start getting in bed at 9:30 pm.

So, on that note (THREE MORE WEEKS) happy weekend my lovely readers!!! 

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