February 22, 2012

...Lizzie and Nate's guest book postcards

Today and tomorrow I'm a little excited to share some recent design projects I've been working on! First up, Lizzie* and Nate's guest book postcards...

Instead of doing the traditional guest book, Lizzie approached me with the idea of postcards that had writing prompts for guests to share their advice for the newlyweds. Lizzie's friend was in charge of mailing all the postcards to them over the course of their first year of marriage. I love this idea, so fun and different and you get to relive the wedding every time you get one in the mail! This was super quick turnaround (I think I got the job and sent it to print in a week or so), so it helped that Lizzie and I have a similar style and she likes simplicity. Below are a couple of the prompts we used (there were 6 overall), and the color scheme. We had 2 navy, 2 gray, and 2 pink cards and the front was the same on all of them.

*Fun fact, Lizzie is the older sister of my 9th grade boyfriend...small world!

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