January 19, 2012

...quinoa tabbouleh

Last week, I got all inspired by the new year, caught up in the moment of making myself better and decided to do a cleanse I found in this book Clean. The book basically about how many toxins we get from the foods we eat these days and was really interesting to read. It was the only cleanse I had found that I felt I could actually maintain for a week. Definitely do not have the self discipline to do any sort of juice cleanse...

General eating idea - smoothie for breakfast, protein and tons of veggies for lunch, cold soup for dinner. I did great until the cold soup. I made it, took one bite, and threw it out. Then ate another one of the lunch options for dinner. So that's how I continued during the week, nothing processed and almost no sugar. The healthy hot chocolate came in handy as well. One thing that surprised me - the recipes are AMAZING. Everything I cooked from the "lunches" section has been phenomenal and super healthy and easy. I will definitely use this in the future as a recipe resource. Below is the recipe for quinoa tabbouleh (totally obsessed with quinoa recently - I know how pretentious that sounds, sorry). Go make it!!

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