January 30, 2012

...Caroline's life changers!

The second edition is brought to you by Caroline, who I met in college when she helped colonize our sorority on campus. I had a style crush on her from the start so I knew she would have an adorable list of things that changed her life! She just got married (check out her blog for the beautiful photos) and her party favors were so clever!

1. Hobo Lauren Wallet: This is the greatest wallet you will ever own!  I bought my first Hobo wallet when I was traveling as a consultant for my sorority.  I could stuff all kinds of things in it—boarding passes, business expense receipts, camera, phone, etc.  It helped me stay organized while traveling and kept every easily accessible.  It’s a great size to throw in your purse or tote bag or to carry alone as a clutch.  They come out with new fabulous colors every season and are totally worth the money.  

2. O-Gloss and O-Glow Intuitive Color: I am obsessed with these products!  I have bought so many different lip glosses and lip sticks, but I never seem to be able to master the art of finding the correct shade.  O-Gloss and O-Glow automatically adjust to your skin tone to perfectly complement your complexion.  They look and feel great!  They are lightweight, but provide great color that lasts.

3. Lilly Pulitzer Murfee Scarf: These Lilly scarves are so bright and fun!  They liven up any outfit and help make your day a little bit brighter.  Any time I’m having a bad hair day or am not quite satisfied with my ensemble, I just throw on a Murfee.  If this doesn’t cure your case of the Mondays, I’m not sure if anything will.   
4. Flex-it Silicone Measuring Cup Set: I am definitely not a domestic goddess, but have been working on spending more time in the kitchen to cook more creative, healthy meals.  I registered for these measuring cups for our wedding and I LOVE them.  I don’t really get excited about new kitchen gadgets, but I recommend these to everyone.   I use them for everything—they came in especially handy when making my wedding favors.  They are great for pouring batter or other things because they don’t drip.  Seriously.  Ever.  They are very flexible, but still very sturdy.  Get these if you want to make your time in the kitchen a little more easy and efficient.
5. Curly Girl Cards: I love sending cards to people whether for birthdays, holidays, or just to say hello.  Curly Girl has such cute, sweet designs that will brighten anyone’s day.  The designer comes up with the most thoughtful sayings and has a way with words that I do not.  Sending these cards is the perfect way to send a little love to family and friends!

6. One Line A Day Journal: I found this adorable teal journal while strolling around downtown Charleston with a friend. I later saw it in a J. Crew catalog, so I knew it had to be cool. This journal is easy to keep up with because there is just enough room to write one quick comment about your day. You write one thing every day for five years. I use mine as a normal journal where I comment on my day. I’ve also heard of people writing one thing each day they are thankful for, or one new thing their baby or child did or said. You could also use it to keep track of short-term and long-term goals. I think it will be so much fun  to look back in 5 years to see all that is happened and all that I have to be thankful for.

7. Bumi dog toy by West Paw Design: My dog chews everything!  She especially loves anything leather or Lilly.  I am always hesitant to buy toys for her because I know they will be destroyed within seconds. I bought her a $15 stuffed peppermint with “ChewGuard” for Christmas and before I could even snap a few pictures of her with it, she had chewed a hole in it.  On a shopping trip with my mom, she convinced me to buy a Bumi and it is FABULOUS!  Emma LOVES it!  She loves to play tug with it, chew it, and toss it around in the air.  After all of that play it doesn’t even have teeth marks in it.  The best part is--if it does ever get damaged, I can mail it in and they’ll send me a new one.

8. Mint: People always find it humorous that I have a degree in Financial Management, yet I am somehow unable to manage my finances. I love that Mint allows me to see all of my recent purchases and balances for my credit cards and bank accounts. It’s a great way to keep track of a budget. It gives you a quick snapshot of your finances, so it doesn’t take a lot of time to realize “Whoa! I’ve already spent $40 on coffee this month!"  

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