January 13, 2012


Happy weekend my little readers! I'm taking a trip home to Charlottesville to see my Auntie Anne, who I missed over Christmas!

Next week on i simply love...

A 1 year blogiversary and the start of a fun new feature on life changers (speaking of Auntie Anne, she's contributing to the first post, not to mention the inspiration behind it)!!

Some things I've simply loved this week...

The President's handwriting

Discovering this awesome food blog and making these sweet treats for my coworkers...(they were a massive hit)

Stumbling upon this adorable etsy shop, I can't wait to send goodies to friends! (I've been on a bit of a clean eating kick this week so I seem to be getting my sugar fix through the interwebs this week)

And if you didn't catch this post...healthy hot chocolate!

Have the MOST lovely weekend and I'll see you back here Monday!  

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