November 27, 2012

...Giving Tuesday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday have both stressed me out and I avoided most shopping this weekend (especially the crowds). But this year, Tuesday has been assigned a monicker and I think I can get behind it! Giving Tuesday - to kickstart the holiday giving season and - in theory - give back with the money you just saved in all the crazy sales!

Recently, I've been trying to be better about donating some money when I find something I'm passionate about. I read this article about service dogs helping war veterans recover and was so moved I donated some money right then.

Glamour does a feature about 31 Days of Giving in their magazine and I was thinking about hanging the article up at my desk and trying to donate a small sum to a couple charities a week. Here's the link to the online article: Glamour's 31 Day's of Giving

And finally - Giving Tuesday's official site - check it out and find something you're passionate about. Seriously, $5 isn't too little!

1 comment:

  1. thanks for dedicating a whole post to this - I need to get my act together on the donations front!


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