December 9, 2011

...some NYC sights

Something you should probably know about me. I am a huge art nerd. Walking into the MoMA gives me butterflies. The Guggenheim makes my entire day complete. And I also secretly love doing touristy things. Like going to see the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Plaza. Until we got stuck in a ridiculous amount of foot traffic. Then I disliked being all touristy.

The MoMA has a great retrospective of Willem de Kooning, and after seeing it I decided retrospectives are my favorite. It is really neat to see the beginning, middle and end of an artist's career and be able to visually draw parallels between their work.

The library also has a great exhibit up for their 100 year anniversary (and it's free!), highly recommend!

The highlight though, was the 9/11 memorial. It isn't finished yet, so you have to get timed tickets (free) and I had NO IDEA what to expect. I walked in and it completely took my breath away. Do you guys know anything about the memorial? I might have been out of the loop, but seriously it was amazing. Emotional, gorgeous (I went at night) and just really well done. Where the towers fell there are 2 square waterfalls and all along the perimeter are the names engraved of people lost in that tower. The waterfalls are what my photo below is of. It was so powerful to stand there and take it all in, and I kind of liked having no idea what to expect going into it. So I just ruined it for some of you. Oops!

Here's a nice documentary PBS did about the construction if you're interested!

The other wonderfully touristy thing I did was walk across the Brooklyn Bridge! Also at night, and it was also so beautiful! Crossed that one off my list.

I saw an apartment on fire too, watched the firemen put it out and everything. Cool to experience, not so cool for the people who's apartment it was.

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