December 9, 2011

...some NYC noms

So, while I love going to museums and all that cultured stuff, I also love the foods.

Most significant food object I was introduced to over the weekend- Speculoos. So. Yummy. A food truck, Waffles and Dinges (Dinges means toppings) makes fresh waffles topped with Speculoos, a gingerbread cookie (excuse me you say, gingerbread cookie?) based spread. Trader Joe's just started carrying something similar called Cookie Butter. Yep. Go buy it now.

I also spent my life savings on treats at Momofuku. B'day truffles (similar to cake balls) and their signature compost cookie were my fave purchases. The compost cookie has oatmeal, chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, pretzels and potato chips. Might have eaten some for breakfast more than one morning this week.

And oh my goodness the best dinner ever was Ippudo. It is a ramen place (I think one of the most popular in the city judging by the hour and a half wait on a Monday) and it was so effing good. We ate pork buns, Korean ribs (pictured below) and ramen. My photo of the ramen was a little unappetizing but oh my goodness I stuffed myself to the brink. Everything was so tasty.

Now I'm back to smoothies and lentil soup. So much less exciting.

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