March 14, 2011

...yummy Mondays

Because what else do you have to look forward to? Let's just look at yummy pictures of food all day. Sound good? This is a quick tour of sweets consumed in NYC...

Cupcake from Buttercup Bakery
Compost cookie from Momofuko Milk Bar. Not pictured are the pretzel cake truffles and chocolate malt cake truffles. All so salty and sweet and amazing I could eat 12. And obviously almost forgot to take a picture of the cookie I was distracted by eating it.
Macaroons from Bouchon Bakery in the Time Warner Building. And a TK Cookie, which is basically the best oreo ever. (Pistachio, vanilla and orange creamsicle-I was thinking of you Auntie Anne)

And finally, my momma's favorite, Magnolia Bakery!

Next was Bouchon Bakery in the Time Warner building

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