October 29, 2012

...Carol's Lifechangers!

Today I bring you my lovely Momma's lifechangers! I'm really excited to continue this series and I have a couple great people lined up in the coming months!

My mom has great style and I am constantly "borrowing" jewelry, shoes, and other accessories from her. It is a good thing we don't wear the same size clothing because she would be missing half her closet! I love to share my favorite tips with her (Moroccan oil shampoo changed my life so I got her hooked on it by giving it to her for Christmas!), and I finally gave into her obsession with Old Navy jeans and recently bought 3 pairs...

1. Dry Shampoo - Batiste is the brand I like, it make's my dirty hair look totally refreshed for an extra two days, what a time saver!  Need to look for travel size.  

2. Moroccan Oil Shampoo - Addicted.  Makes my hair so soft and I love the smell.  Anne Carlyle got me hooked on it.

3. Wacoal Bras - most comfortable bra I have ever warn, period.  Expensive but worth it.

4 .Cutco knives - I never knew how smooth and easy chopping could be.  Even though I don't like to cook.
5. Kindle app for IPad - I still love a real book, but this little thing comes in handy, especially for traveling or reading in bed (back lit).

6. Digital Library Loans - free digital books for the Kindle.  I love the library!

7. MacBook Pro - laptop changed my life.

8. Belk Coupons - Don't leave home without them, makes shopping at Belk just as cheap as my one true favorite, Marshall's.

9. Repetto Ballet Flats - my Phi Mu sister, Barb, took me to the store in Paris. The leather is like butter, you've never felt anything so soft.  Like going barefoot in adorable little shoes. Made popular by Brigette Bardot.  And I bet Audrey Hepburn wore them, too.

10. Old Navy Women's The Rock Star Super Skinny Jeans - saved the BEST for last.  Discovered these cheap and stretchy skinny jeans a few years ago.  $19 if you catch a sale, $34 regular.  SUPER comfy.  Have accumulated 16 pairs.  Did I say they come in lots of colors?!  And this year in corduroy!!!!!!!!!!!! I wear them almost every day.  I made Anne Carlyle get them.

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