November 18, 2011

...Christmas cards!

Every year my family gets bunches of Christmas cards, and I'm not going to lie, it's one of my favorite parts of the holidays. Do you know what I've come to love even more...designing them! It brings my cheer to a whole other level.

This year I'm putting the word out, I would love to design YOUR Christmas card. It will be completely custom, you won't get caught sending out the same card as your sorority sister (embarrassing, or sort of cute that you guys still have the same taste) and you have complete control over how it turns out! We can include a photo, or not. We can do a folded card, or a flat one. We can do whatever your favorite colors are, or black and white. And I will have them printed and delivered to your door. 
Contact me at for pricing and if you'd like to see some cards I've done in the past! 



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